Gourmet vinegar made from Madeira Wine

Gallo and Justino's Madeira Wine join forces in the creation of the first vinegar of Madeiran origin.

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The first Wine Vinegar Denomination of Origin (DO) Madeira was launched by Gallo. It is, therefore, the first brand in the world to use Madeira Wine as a raw material to be transformed into a unique vinegar. This singular product paves the way for a new segment of the brand - Selected Origin Vinegars. The creation of this unique product results from a partnership with Madeira's largest wine producer and one of the region's oldest winemakers, Justino's, which is a clear avowal of the product’s level of quality.

This vinegar is born in the fertile, acid and volcanic soil of Madeira Island, just like the wine that gives it its origin. Madeira Wine is a Portuguese treasure lauded the world over for its remarkable flavour. With a flavour reminiscent of wood, slightly sweet but which contrasts with a subtle acidity, this new product presents a silky texture with a velvety finish. Shaded in tones of amber and gold, notes of caramel underlie this vinegar and make it so that it confers a touch of finesse and sophistication to any dish in which it is used.

Gallo Wine Vinegar DO Madeira is now available for a recommended retail price of 3.99 €.
The DO (Denomination of Origin) seal conferred to this protect is a means through hich to protect the reputation of regional products, particularly those to come out of traditional farming activities.