A wish come true

Madeiran Joana Freitas is on the cover for February / March.


With her constant smile and dimples, Joana Carolina Camacho Freitas, a native of Funchal, shows that it is possible to both work in fashion and deal with one’s academics.

The 22-year- old, who takes her inspiration from Sara Sampaio, Joana Duarte and Carolina Loureiro, reveals that since childhood she has always liked the "fashion world" and always wanted to enter a modeling agency. An example of this is the taste for photography that was already evident during her childhood, where in the "photographs present in the old albums, it was always the one that, no matter how much they wanted to catch me unawares, was posing."

She says that since joining the 4Affection Agency she’s become a much more outgoing person. This allowed her to be able to interact with people she did not know, because of the promotional works, and also helped her to develop her skills in other languages. Her sense of responsibility also increased, now having to juggle her studies with work which fostered a newfound ability to organise herself so as to be able to do anything she wants.

She says that the production of the cover for Essential Madeira is a dream come true since, from the time she was a little girl, her interest in Photography has made her imagine herself as the protagonist in magazine covers and billboards. Joana reveals that she values ??the people she works with very much, and this is another bonus for the job, taking pleasure in it, which can only have good results.

Now in her final year of a B.A in Design, at the University of Madeira, she tells us that academics were not something that had always been clear to her as she started in Sciences and Technologies before moving into Visual Arts at the Francisco Franco Secondary School.

In her free time, she goes to the gym, where she had her first work experience as a receptionist in 2014. She also enjoys reading, taking pictures, drawing, going to the movies and taking a Saturday afternoon off to binge watch TV series. Also part of her leisure plans is spending a weekend away from Funchal and traveling (Italy, Barcelona and Amsterdam are at the top of the list).

This Madeiran woman, who confessed to being a very persistent person, likes to do everything in a timely manner so as to achieve her goals and she intends to continue working in fashion as she has been doing for almost three years. At the same time, it is her aim to enrol in a Master’s in Marketing and Advertising in University of Lisbon come September.