The Reid’s, renovated

A new entrance, meeting room, conference room and breakfast by the pool are some of the welcome changes.



In a corner lit by the warm sunlight, a sofa and two canapés are a sign of our times. The wall, though, seems to be missing the space for the shades of grey of the pictures from olden days, each one framed and portraying a symbol, a decade, a personality. Such is the fine balance between the classic and the contemporary struck by the Belmond Reid’s Palace’s new lobby, the entrance to the ancient, 126 year old hotel, of Madeira.

This peaceful corner is one of the many details that are part of the renovation process which consumed some of the hotel’s life throughout 2017 and is symbolic of the changes that have been brought about: Accommodating the normal evolution of a living structure while respecting two of the hotel’s greatest assets, its tradition and history. As well as meeting the demands of its guests at every  moment, the renovation process also sought to consolidate the Belmond brand, one which designates the units belonging to the Orient-Express group.

These changes resulted in a new reception, combined with the entrance for a single lobby area. The old revolving door was replaced by one which gives access to a wide space that makes the most out of its detailed high ceiling, crystal chandelier and classic tea roof, culminating in a magnificent view of the sea and the hotel’s gardens.

The old lobby area and the compartments where guests’ keys were stowed have been preserved as an homage to the several generations of professionals who were the first to welcome guests.

Changes were left to Wimberlly Interiors, who were also responsible for the interior design of the Orient-Express group’s other hotel units.

At the Belmond Reid’s Palace, changes were felt even where breakfast is concerned as it is now served by the pool, where meals are still served throughout the day, now including dinner. The space has been completely renovated and explores its connection to the pool area more deeply.

The old breakfast restaurant has given way to conference rooms and meeting rooms, one of the market segments in which the hotel has come to invest more. This is where an exhibition of paintings by Anton Molnar is to be displayed between December 27 th and January 14 th .

Born in Budapest, this artist spent most of his youth in Africa and moved to France after graduating from the Budapest Academy of Fine Arts. He blends traditional painting techniques with a contemporary approach. His exhibition also symbolizes the spirit of change in the Belmond Reid’s Palace and formally opens the new meeting and conference room area.

Throughout the last years, the changes to the Belmond Reid’s Palace covered several areas of the hotel. One of the most significant innovations was the creation of the William, a signature restaurant and also one of the only two restaurants in Madeira to have been awarded a Michelin star.