Concerts from A to L

The event’s 2016 edition, to be organized by Estalagem da Ponta do Sol, maintains its eclectic approach.

The 25th of June will be the beginning of yet another edition of the L Concerts. Portuguese band D’Alva will be performing the opening act. This Lisbon duo comprising Alex D’Alva Teixeira and Ben Monteiro will be bringing some songs from their #batequebate album for their debut in Madeira. Their style ranges from soul to R&B and has some electronic beats to it.

This summer, until September, will see a series of concerts take place at Estalagem da Ponta do Sol. From the 1st one to the one on the 9th of July, they will be held on Saturdays. From there until august, concerts will take place on Wednesdays. Starting on the 19th of September, they will return to being held on Saturdays.

The program is an eclectic one, it covers Portuguese pop and rock, with at least four national debuts; the wider Lusophone universe, with traditional music from Cape-Verde; and the frenzy of Latin-American music. It would not be stretch to say that the concerts will go from A to… L!

The L Concerts pursue music outside the mainstream as they seek to explore and promote new musical trends and various debuts in the region, as was the case with António Zambujo, Mão Morta, Rão Kyao, JP Simões and Carmen Souza in previous years.

What initially was little more than a cycle of concerts with regional artists back in 2008, has come to grow into an event which truly is a reference in the bigger picture of musical summer events in Madeira.

One of the goals is for the audience to have a privileged connection with the artists. As with previous years, to attend these concerts it is necessary to send your name to the guest list. This is way, organisers can ensure one of the event’s trademarks, its intimacy. The minimum consumption rate is six euros.

Check the event’s schedule here:

- Saturday, 25th of June: D’Alva (Portugal)
- Saturday, 2nd of July: Dorian Wood (USA)
- Saturday, 9th of July: Romeo Di Lurdes (Cape Verde)
- Wednesday, 20th of July: Juana Molina (Argentina)
- Wednesday, 27th of July: Los Pirañas (Colombia)
- Wednesday, 3rd of August: Guilherme Orfão & Wilson Correia (Portugal)
- Wednesday, 10th of August: Ceacilie Trier – CTM (Denmark)
- Wednesday, 17th of August: Conner Youngblood (USA)
- Wednesday, 31st of August: Amelie Muge (Portugal)
- Saturday, 10th of September: First Breath After Coma (Portugal)
- Saturday, 17th of September: Linda Martini (Portugal)
- Saturday, 24th of September: Marcelo Jeneci (Brazil)