Madeira cider is conquering the world

The Druken Pharmacist - Sidra da Madeira IG is irreverent and is winning over a loyal public

The Druken Pharmacist - Sidra da Madeira IG was born to win. Launched on the market at the end of 2022, it won the International Natural Cider Competition on the island and the Gold Medal at the Nordic International Cider Awards in Riga, Latvia.

The producer, Luís Mendonça, alludes to the fact that "the apples were picked at the optimum point of ripeness", "straight from the tree" and in "excellent health", which may be the secret of the success, along with "the diversity of the apples", which made it possible to obtain an "extremely balanced" cider.

The 'passion ingredient' for this "very peculiar and sustainable drink", which basically has "no waste" in its production, was also mixed in, emphasises Luís Mendonça.

The Druken Pharmacist also stands out for its "young, irreverent image without ever forgetting local tradition", which has a strong presence on social media.

Luís Mendonça says that the aim is to take part in more international events in order to take the name of Madeira cider to greater heights.

In Madeira you can taste The Druken Pharmacist at the Musa Lounge Bar and Fugacidade. It is also available in Porto, at the Sidraria Celta Endovélico Restaurant.