New website

With the new website, Essential wanted to take another step towards the future and its own modernization, in order to be closer to its readers’ day-to-day life.


In the competitive world we live in nowadays, one of the most debated subjects amongst the media contents managers is the need (or lack of it) for paper in the future. Being Essential a brand that uses paper as its main work resource, it’s obvious where we stand in this discussion:

It makes perfect sense to keep using paper, as we firmly believe it has its place in the future.

Just as the radio or cinema didn’t come to an end with the arrival of television, the internet hasn’t destroyed any of its predecessors, so we do not see the wonderful cyber-world as an enemy, but as a complement, and it makes perfect sense that it exists so we can increase our offer to the readers.

And in that context, this new website is born: It’s an upgrade of its last version, but its contents come from a readers’ behaviour analysis, as well as knowledge of our position in the market. Our ethos remains the same: the website is an independent feature, and even though it’s an Essential product, it is not a place where one should read a digital copy of the magazine. It is available for e-reading, but this was a magazine thought and designed to be printed, so that the reader can feel the pages and have direct contact with the news, and all the finishing details.

The website is a tool with a different rhythm, the ‘’Essential quality’’ is there but with the immediacy of the news updates online and a bigger range of options in terms of lifestyle and leisure info, which are our two main areas of interest.

Can these two mediums complete eachother? We believe so! Our magazine will keep on investing in quality contents, varied subjects and in the credibility of our works. The website will rely on the trends and variety of content.

Among the new website functions, we have a link to all the social networks to which we are connected to: Facebook, Twitter (ess_madeira), Instagram and Pinterest. We have more sections and more multimedia contents. We have a restaurant guide with a ranking made from your votes, we have a Madeira guide with everything that both residents and visitors need to know in order to plan the best leisure times… we could tell you about all our new features, but we don’t want to ruin the beauty of discovering a new website.

We believe that the printed edition, the website and the social networks form the triangle over which our growth strategy is set.

As for our magazine, it continues to find its way to over 70 thousand readers, as far as the printed edition is concerned, and many thousands more online, through the Isuu platform, where you can download each issue.

You can access it directly through the platform or through the QR code that we publish in each issue.

We are counting on you to help us improve with your suggestions, feedback and your presence. We are here to show you the best of our islands…

Thank you for choosing us!