My Madeira by Jeff de Gouveia

Jeff offers his perpective on Madeira as someone who is used to explore the island on jeep

I had a friend who once told me that Madeira was “one giant amusement park”. Giant is the key word here because for such a small island, it seems like the “park” never ends.

I have worked in tourism here in Madeira for the last 10 years guiding visitors around our beautiful island. Each visitor with his or her own interests and ability and Madeira never seems to disappoint. Just around the corner, there’s something for everyone. Nothing is further than 1 hour’s drive away and there’s always somewhere to go that’s not raining. My Madeira has made my job so easy.

When Essential Madeira asked me to write a short article on my Madeira, I almost feel like a spoiled kid being asked to describe his favourite toys. So I’ll try keep it short and sweet.

My Madeira is all about sunrises in the mountains, hiking the old paths used by our ancestors, cooking our traditional espetada with friends and family, swimming in the crystal clear waters of our beautiful ocean.

I love the food, the wine, the poncha and the bread! This year not only will I be doing more hiking and camping than ever, I will be spending more time in Porto Santo as well because there’s still much more I need to explore! I love my Madeira and I wouldn’t trade her for anything else!