The Art of Flavours

Reid's Palace is once again home to The Art of Flavours, featuring the best in gastronomy, for two days

Reid's Palace, a Belmond Hotel, is once again challenging the gastronomic senses and is promoting another edition of The Art of Flavours festival, on 16 and 17 June. It will be two nights of a lot of flavour and creativity, in which the host chef, Luís Pestana, invites several other chefs.

On Friday 16th, the Stars Dinner will take place with a menu created by the combined talent of several chefs. There will be a total of six dishes, in which Luis Pestana invites Benoît Sinthon (Il Gallo D'Oro, Funchal, two Michelin stars), Gil Fernandes (Fortaleza do Guincho, Cascais, one star), Pedro Pena Bastos (Cura, Lisbon, one star) and Ricardo Canella (Ristorante Cipriani, Venice, one star).

On the following day, 17 June, the Food Party takes place, an event that brings together the five Michelin chefs and others, considered promising, or rising stars. They are Francisco Siopa (Penha Longa Resort, Sintra), José Diogo Costa (Reid's Palace, Funchal), Louise Bourrat (Lisbon) and Octávio Freitas (Desarma, Funchal).

The chefs are distributed over more than 20 stands, which also feature various other products, as well as wines and champagne. The dishes will be prepared live, by the chefs, to the sound of a DJ, around the hotel pools and overlooking the Bay of Funchal. At 10:30 p.m. it will be possible to enjoy the Atlantic Festival fireworks.