World cuisine with a local touch

Local ingredients with a lot of tradition and flavours from all over the world, made mainly through Josper, explain the concept of the Three House

At the counter that divides the kitchen from the living room, the Chef is the protagonist. Maurício Faria does the honours of the house, serves the clients and explains the concept of the Three House Restaurant. About 90% of the menu is prepared with the Josper, the closed charcoal oven that has become popular all over the world.

Located in the Oudinot building, next to the Lavradores Market in Funchal, the Three House is a hotel, a restaurant, and a cocktail bar on a rooftop. It is a concept that wants to be a lifestyle, a place that provides experiences and that for some time wants to be called home.

But the secret of this restaurant's cuisine lies in its choice of products. Maurício Faria opts for ingredients considered less noble in the kitchen, but which were popular choices in Madeira's home cooking. They are mainly local products.

He doesn't have lobster, nor carabinieri, nor scallops, but he has "a cow rib that cooks for two days", or uses the belly of the black swordfish, or the typical tuna belly.

The restaurant's dining room offers several nooks and crannies and even open-air spaces. But at the chef's counter, he himself mixes flavours from different origins. The tuna belly may end up being seasoned with an Asian flavour. The South American ceviche can be made with Gambão, a type of small shrimp.

And there are other examples: a veal tartar with dehydrated capers, or a pork belly bao, or even fish tacos, with black scabbardfish belly.

Maurício Faria offers world cuisine with fusion and local products. "The idea was to do something different," he confesses, adding that the restaurant allows him to "make dreams come true.

Even the coffee has a touch of the chef since it comes raw to Madeira and is roasted in the restaurant itself.

This idea of doing it differently is also the rule two floors above, on the terrace of the Three House hotel, where the cocktail bar offers signature proposals and some classics, as well as a combined menu of cocktails and food.

The view of Funchal does the rest and transforms the atmosphere into a place where you feel like being, to the music and enjoying the normally mild climate of Madeira.