Revisiting tradition

For three years now, Made in Madeira has sought to innovate never forgetting Madeiran tradition.


Located in Rua Serpa Pinto 27, a part of town that is gradually becoming more modern, Made in Madeira seeks to perpetuate Madeiran tradition through as many and varied products as possible, never forgetting to innovate.

Store manager, Ana Fernandes explains how wicker, molasses cake and sour cherries were the beginning of the project which was then extended to its present form, selling clothing, handbags, pillows and soap, among others. And it is by allying customisation with the Madeiran identity that many of these items, available online and at the Sé Boutique Hotel, the Villa Caffé and the Café Relógio, in Camacha, come to life, through the talented hands of designer Amílcar Rodrigues.

The store’s furniture can also be bought though it serves to create the ambience that one needs when enjoying a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of wine with a nice pastry or sandwich. With an intimate atmosphere, the cellar is the place to meet with large groups of friends and where wine tastings paired with entrees are one of the most sought after experiences, alongside dinner reservations.

The products, the inclusion of elements associated with the identity of Madeira, such as the panel telling the story of Monte’s train or a wall adorned with colloquialisms from the island, and the cosy atmosphere all foreground the high versatility and originality of the brand.