High atop the cliff

Estalagem da Ponta do Sol is a unique place combining the beauty of the landscape with the unique character of a design hotel.



The view is unique. More than 180 degrees of sea and almost an entire slope on the western coast of Madeira. It brings to mind the prow of a ship. In fact, it cuts into the ocean like a headland.

This viewpoint may well have been the reason why this corner of Madeira is called Ponta do Sol, roughly meaning 'sun's edge'. Estalagem da Ponta do Sol is a hotel that takes advantage of its location, elevates it over the town and the sea.

Almost every corner sports a panoramic view, be it of the rooftop bar, be it of the restaurant's glass wall, or that of the pools, one outdoors, one indoors and heated. The hot tub also verges over the ocean, or the hydromassage pool, as well as the sunbeds on the viewpoint, always inviting some relaxation.

Quinta da Rochinha is a 19th century estate built to be the headquarters of Georgi & Cª, a firm that ran in the sugarcane trade. The locale, on a cliff overlooking the pier, allowed for a better control of the business.

From the mid-19th century onward, the estate had several owners, until a group of friends from Funchal decided to build their holiday home there, a project which ended up a hotel, opening in 2001.  

Typical of a rural Madeiran estate, the buildings were preserved, adapted to their new purpose and integrated into a contemporary architecture. Highlights include the two main buildings, built along straight minimalist lines, which follow the inclination of the estate. All of this explains why Estalagem da Ponta do Sol is part of the demanding Design Hotels brand.

Access to the hotel and between buildings is done through elegant bridges which are architectural beauties, as well as interesting spots from where to take in the view.

The rest of the world lies down below. But this, the World of Ponta do Sol, is a very tranquil one, where there is no place for the hustle and bustle of big places and where life is much simpler.

Sunrise and sunset carry a lot of meaning at Estalagem da Ponta do Sol, were this not one of the best places in Madeira from which to delight in these phenomena, or to go for a swim under the moonlight since the pools are open 24/7.

The restaurant is a cosy place, where the menu presents very creative dishes, Mediterranean-inspired, and with plenty vegetarian options to go round. The wine menu is complete, privileging Portuguese wine. Service is kind and delicate. And there are also two bars with a panoramic view.

The hotel was designed as a haven. And it invites one to leave the stress of everyday life outside. Service was crafted with that in mind. There is a spa, gym, sauna, Turkish bath, or a room for yoga and meditation.

A relaxed atmosphere is the identity here. The hotel also invests on differentiation and diversity, as can be seen from the events that are held here. The L Concerts, which brought many artists with alternative tunes to Madeira for a wide-ranging perspective on world music, or the MadeirDig, digital music festival.

Most of the 55 bedrooms and suites sport a view of the Atlantic. The remaining ones offer enjoyable views of the well-kept gardens.

White is the colour that dominates the walls, even in the bedrooms. Light and nature take care of the rest. The décor goes with the minimalist interpretation of the space. Interior designer Carvalho Araújo conceived wooden furniture with simple lines and nothing superfluous.

Exaggeration lies only in the beautiful landscape, the magic of this place!