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The beach of Porto Santo stands out for the famous attributes of its sand, as well as for its safety conditions. 



Burying one's body in the golden sand of Porto Santo must rank amongst the best sensations in the world. For an adult. It is almost like a feeling associated with comfort, perhaps surpassed only by the memory of a maternal hug. Yes, both cases bring childhood to mind.

With the waves crashing in the background, sand serves as an antidote for both mind and body. Its benefits are scientifically proven, but it does not take much science to enjoy this mineral.

When we are lying down, the sands of the Porto Santo beach can seem endless. There are about nine kilometres spread along most of the south coast of the island, ideal for those who love to jog. One way to burn the calories gained from eating the island's traditional lambecas ice creams.

The beach of Porto Santo is the ideal place to enjoy some family time. Even when one's family is large. The beach has length as well as a generous width. An average of 40 metres. Peace and quiet are guaranteed for any beachgoers coming here. 

All of this is complemented by the translucid ocean, water shaded in colours ranging from ocean-green to Atlantic blue, with a mild temperature between 21 and 24ºC. It can be difficult to exit the water once one's in it.

Beauty, tranquillity, warm water and nine kilometres of golden sand. These should be reason enough to want to visit the beach of Porto Santo. But there is one more reason which, given the current context, takes on an added value: safety.

The beach of Porto Santo sits at the top of a list of the safest beaches in Europe for the 2021 summer season. The highlight came from European Best Destinations, a travel website focused on tourism and culture in Europe.

Among the criteria used for the selection are the size of the beaches, the number of square metres available to each beachgoer and the portion of private homes on offer, tourist condos, small or medium-sized hotels with a health and safety manual.  

These reasons are more than enough to enjoy the beach of Porto Santo, alone or with family, in the water, or simply lying down on the warm sand.